Three women working together at a hackathon.

Want to engage the community? Enhance your brand’s reputation? Consider a hackathon powered by EOSIO.

Why host your own hackathon?

  • Enable participants to solve topical problems in an engaging way
  • Provide a forum for collaboration, conversation, and change
  • Evangelize your organization’s brand and mission
  • Drive employee and community engagement
  • Encourage innovation

Why host your hackathon on EOSIO?
EOSIO is a blockchain for the real world. Built for both public and private use cases, EOSIO is customizable to suit a wide range of needs. 

Building on EOSIO is straightforward. Participants can onboard quickly, create projects using preferred tools and skills, and gain invaluable experience in an emerging technology.

Three women working together during a hackathon.

Ready to host your own hackathon?

1. Read our Hackathon Quick Start Guide.
2. Contact us to get your Hackathon Toolkit that includes templates, presentations, and other resources to help you host. We can also promote your event on our site.

Hackathon Quick Start Guide

Here are six points to consider when hosting your own hackathon:

1. Set goals.

The best events are purpose driven, so it's important to set goals for your hackathon. Is it for fun? To strengthen the community? To solve a global problem? Think about your goals and let them drive your event.

2. Select the format.

Your hackathon can be in person or virtual. Meeting in person can build hype and community, whereas virtual engagements can draw more participants. Consider your goals and think about the best format for your hackathon.

3. Set rules.

Set some ground rules to help your hackathon run as smoothly as possible. Rules include, but aren't limited to, team size, judging criteria, prize conditions, intellectual property stipulations, and code of conduct.

4. Promote the event.

Marketing and promoting your hackathon increases awareness and attracts more participants. First, you’ll need an online space where people can learn about the event, sign up, and more. Eventbrite is a popular hackathon hosting platform.

5. Proactively communicate.

As participants look for information before, during, and after the hackathon, it's important you send both relevant and timely updates. After participants sign up, use a closed messaging system to deliver the right messages to the right people.

6. Select prize(s).

People come to hackathons for fun, networking, prizes, and other reasons. For the prize-motivated, you can entice them and elevate the competition through branded goods, cash prizes, and more.